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Retro Bowl
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About Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is one of those games which make you feel like you travel back in time and play a really cool but old game. Even though that the game was created not so long ago, it offers the retro graphics with a pretty nice gameplay and in my opinion that's the main reason of popularity. The game is played by thousands of people every day because of the simple fact : you can't find an online game about American Football with such variety of options and modes. Retro Bowl is a really famous and interesting game because it gives you a full control over your team - you play the game, you hire coaches and upgrade the team according to your skills. In fact, it is not just a game about american football. It is a simulator where you have to lead the whole team to success. Keep in mind that at our website we have the web version of the game available but you can also download and install the game on your smartphones (Ios & Android) to enjoy it in offline mode.

Retro Bowl: Tips and Tricks

Be Focused On Winning

Even though that everyone plays the game for a win, there are some crucial factors why your team should always be focused on winning. In fact, winning the game attract more fans to your team and your players - that can be a very important factor for the success. The better your team is, the more support you will get from your fans and as a result a better progress of the players.

Use Coach Credits in Retro Bowl Wisely

In fact, those coach credits are the main game currency and players receive them after each game.Even though that this credits can'be used to hide new players, they can be used to upgrade the whole team and imporove the facilities in a different way. You can also use those credits to hire coachs to make you team stronger so just use them wisely.

Game Controls & Tutorial Mode

Keep in mind that this game is not like any american football games you have played before and as a result many people fail to understand how to play it. The main problem is that most people skip the tutorial mode at the beginning of the game and start the game instantly, that's a big mistake. The tutorrial mode is build in such an interesting way, that by the end of the tutorial you will understand how to control the players and do specific actions. The controls for the game are below:
Left click then drag and aim a throw.
[A][W][S][D]- dodge and dive.

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